“I started in this business after looking for a Time, Freedom and better Financial reward in life.. At the time I was running my own Business in the Digital Office Equipment industry for the previous 8 years. I was accustomed to the 6-figure income, flexibility and good benefits, however I devoted 50-60 hours a week for that income. It finally hit me, it didn’t matter how many hours I worked as I was not going forward and enjoying life. I made the choice to take control of my life NOW. I resigned from that Sales & Marketing position, I left on my terms and it occurred due to this life changing opportunity.
Now I work for myself and create the life I want for our family. I have time, freedom, choice and a tremendous lucrative opportunity. I live life on purpose, I know what I want, I believe in who I am, this company and the products. Anyone can be successful, it’s just a choice, so go ahead and make the decision to educate yourself today”
– Simon, Sunshine Coast, Australia

“I came across this incredible opportunity supporting people with their own self development and working from home, late in 2007 and have found it is giving me the perfect life. I’m able to work from home (around 15-20 hours a week), and still have plenty of time to devote to teenage children’s activities, my fitness routine of Yoga and the gym, and one of my passions, professional cricket umpiring on weekends. I fit all of this into my week, along with my children, and partner’s love for travel and snow skiing. Being a devotee of the book ‘The secret’ and all powerful message of the ‘Law of attraction’ and using the magnificent tools available within this business I am certainly on the path to a much more rewarding, fulfilling and balanced life.”
– Lynn, Melbourne, Australia

“Previously, I was working for an oil company and after suddenly losing my job due to corporate downsizing, I started my own business. I ran my previous business for a little over 4 years and pretty much lost all my money. When I found this incredible opportunity I was in a lot of debt and struggling to pay the bills. Within a few short months of starting with this company, my life had completely turned around. I now make more money in a month, than what most people make in an entire year. I love what I do!”
– Rachel, Colorado, United States

“Before finding this business, I had been through a number of jobs and realised that I was never going to achieve financial freedom that way. So I invested some money into the stock market, started my own business and bought investment property – only to lose it all, just before finding this opportunity. I was burnt out and broke and I was definitely looking for something that was proven and stable. Since starting this business, I travelled the world, work part-time and make more money in a month than I would have made in 6 months before. The training and support is amazing and I am so grateful for this company. I’m now well on my way to financial freedom and living the life we all deserve.”
– Sam, Melbourne, Australia

Yonika & PaulAfter years in the Corporate world, we began to search for a Lucrative Business that we could work around our 2 young boys. Surely there had to be a better way than the typical 9 – 5 grind?
Always determined to be independent from a Boss, we knew there had to be something better, and wanted to have fun whilst we were doing it! We now have an Online Business we can run from anywhere in the World at anytime we choose – it is absolute FREEDOM and the incredible income is the icing on the cake!”
– Yonika & Paul, Lennox Head

Belinda“Prior to starting this business I had been a stay at home Mum for 6 years to my 3 little ones.During this time I had never done anything for my self and dedicated the 6 years to my kids, my husband and my home.
I then came to a point in my life where I wanted something else, I knew my family deserved more and I knew that I could create a better life for us while doing something for me but while still being at home with my kids.
Since starting here my life has completely transformed and evolved. I was always an extremely shy person, never had my own views or opinions and was really a follower but thanks to our life changing products and the community of people that I now surround my self with I literally ooze confidence.
I haven’t only grown personally but financially as well. I’ve been able to generate as much in 1 month as it would take for me to make in an entire year working for someone else. It’s all about working smarter not harder.
I’m now the best role model I can be for my kids showing them that you can create anything you want. One of the things that I love most about this business is not only do I grow personally and financially everyday but I get to show and assist others how to do the same.
Being here is by far the best decision I have ever made and if I can do it, anyone can do it.”
– Belinda, Perth, Australia