About Us

Alison & Paul Home Business SuccessWe were an average couple who worked 50-60hrs a week to just get by. We had significant credit card, mortgage and personal debt to “manage”. Surrounded by people in the same situation as us. However what we did have in our favour was our very strong desire to get out of that rut and environment to create a better life for ourselves. Alison was pregnant and due in with our first child, so we knew things had to change drastically because we both wanted to be at home with our daughter who was on the way. We wanted to run our own business from home, be successful, have self happiness and be able to have the money for us to do whatever we wanted.

It was at that very point our lives, the fork in the road, that we found a turn key low start-up cost, business, that could be started right now. After reviewing the information, the decision was clear, there was no down side to this business compared to a traditional brick and mortar business. 3 days later we took the plunge straight in and with the assistance of Company Directors we were up and running, and on our way to personal and financial success.

This business has been designed to help you realise your own business success with it’s own easy 3-step system. We have made the most money in a month than we have ever done in any other month before in our lifetime. This is what we want to assist YOU in doing.

Based on a 19 Billion Dollar Industry within the Self Development Market Sector (just think of the phenomenon of “The Secret” movie and DVD), this is an amazing opportunity for you to tap into a proven LifeStyle business model so you too can become self-employed and financially independent.

Alison with Daughter JasmineWe all come from such diverse backgrounds which cover Teachers, Lawyers, Electricians, Doctors, Business Execs, Telecommunications, It, Recruitment, Builders and Plumbers. Most of us have commuted, travelled and spent far too many days away from home. On top of that, we were conditioned to thinking that we had to work long and hard, to then simply retire on a “Retirement Plan”. But we knew there had to be a better way than punching a time clock for weekly wages.

We have discovered the secret of how countless numbers of average people are making absolute fortunes and becoming millionaires working from home using our simple hybrid business model in the direct sales industry.

Our committed and experienced team will supply you with an easy 3 step system and support you through the training process.

We will show you how to:

  • Spend 20 hours or less to run a business that provides the opportunity to generate huge profits.
  • Follow a simple 3 step system that works.
  • Change your 9-5 mindset to a millionaire mindset.
  • Enjoy a lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Most people have totally lost the belief, if they ever had it, that they have the ability to fashion their own futures.

They are still blind to the global reach of the Internet, which presents each of us with a rich, very real, exceptionally rare and equal opportunity to make decent amount of money from home, starting from scratch.

We now wake up everyday and are able to smile about every aspect of our lives. We have attracted caring, loving, encouraging and positive people into my lives. We have a very successful home business, We create our own wealth beyond people’s wildest dreams. We have a healthy, beautiful and well balanced daughter who is with both parents everyday. The life we live everyday is what we used to dream about every night.