So what is this personal development stuff?

So often now I have heard from people and including myself at one stage in my life say, I do not need that personal development stuff as there is nothing wrong with me. And guess what, you are right.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are perfect, whole and complete. We are born into this world as wise people, over time we can get conditioned into certain ways of thinking that do not serve us. This thinking can come from all sorts of different influences, for example: parents, teachers, workmates, and school friends; really the list goes on.

We can be influenced and conditioned by what we want to achieve, what we listen to and what we choose to do with our lives.

Some of this conditioned thinking may not serve us to get to where we really want to go, and sometimes we may not be fully aware that the thinking is there, all we may be aware of is the lack of results.

For me I used to think Personal Development was about changing who I was into someone else who was different to me, more successful, more likeable, more learned in the world, just more really.

After working on myself for a number of years, I woke up one morning and realised, STOP this is not about changing you into someone else, this is all about becoming more of who you really are. Letting go of past thinking, conditioning and negative influencers in your world. It is all about looking at what is working and doing more of that, it is about fully accepting yourself and living as bigger life you can possibly live.

Live out loud in the world. Not hiding, not riding, being all of you. Achieve the success you deserve.

We are all truly perfect it is just that sometimes we forget. Personal Development has assisted me to become even more successful and ultimately the happiest I have ever been. Be bold and join the journey.