What is Lifestyle really?

With mother’s day around the corner, I have been in reflection about what lifestyle really is for me. Prior to working for myself I thought that I would have lifestyle after I achieved a certain status in the corporate world and was earning big dollars. The only thing was as I went down that path I only ended up working more hours, having less time and certainly less Lifestyle.

What I knew I needed to do was to really look at what I was doing and what I actually wanted. I knew I wanted adundance, wealth and a wonderful lifestyle.
After I had Jasmine, both Paul and I knew that we would have had very little Lifestyle if we had continued on the same path.

We wanted to spend quality time each day with our little girl, to actually see her grow up and be the primary influences in her life.

We searched for an alternative to the standard 9-5 which was not making us happy or really creating what we were looking for.

I had a belief that when I had children I would have less time, less travel and less money. Now I realize that really is about the choices you empower or dis-empower yourself with. Paul and I have traveled more since we have had Jasmine than we had in all the years of our relationship prior to her birth and our lifestyle is so much more enriching.