Are you in or are you out?

I was at the gym today and watching a few others train. The gym I go to is quite small, there are no mirrors and people make as much noise as they like, sweat is part of the criteria to attend. People turn up to get results. We are not talking your standard gym where people turn up to look good.

Most people I train around understand you have to train to improve. However even though they know that they have to put in the work to get the result, it does not always mean they approach the bar with that attitude. I participate in the sport of weightlifting which takes a strong mindset, skill and flexibility.

In the sport of weightlifting you basically throw a heavy bar above your head and jump underneath it and catch the bar before it falls on your head. This is going against your natural survival instincts. So you have to be fully committed. Lack of commitment, hesitation, and doubt or basically anything less than giving it 100%, results in one of two things, you either get injured or you miss.

I have noticed that some people can commit 100% all of the time, some people can only commit 100% when all the duck are lined up and it is easy, when it gets challenging they bow out and miss. So what does this have to do with life?

What I know is that if you do something in one place in your life it is likely you do it in several others. For example if you bow out or give up when the going gets tough in a challenge at the gym you will probably be doing it in the real world outside the gym.

Commitment is not about keeping going when it is easy. Commitment is about keeping going no matter what, until you have finished the job and achieved the goal.

Are you ready to commit?

When you do you can have everything you actually want.