Success Is Everything By Jim Rohn

Someone once said to me that success isn’t everything, and I think I know what they really meant. I believe they really meant that money wasn’t everything, and I certainly agree with that. But I do believe that success IS everything.

First you need to succeed to survive. We must take the seasons and learn how to use them with the seed, the soil and the rain of opportunity to learn how to sustain ourselves and our family.

But then second is to then succeed to flourish in every part of your life. Good question to ask mature people: “If you could do better, should you?” And I think almost everybody would answer the question in the positive. If you could improve your health, shouldn’t you do that? If you can learn more, shouldn’t you do that? If you could earn more and share more, shouldn’t you do that? If you can improve your relationships and spirituality, shouldn’t you do that? And I think that is what success is really all about. It is not just a destination that is set for everybody to try and go for.

It is like Zig Ziglar said, “Improving in every area of your life to see if you can with satisfaction at the end of the day, week, month and year, say ‘I have made excellent progress this year, for myself, for my family, for my business, my career and my health.'” I think that kind of success everybody recognizes is legitimate and something we should all strive for.

Interesting phrase in the Bible that says strive for perfection—not that we can ever reach it. But it is in the striving, to be a little bit better today than yesterday, in our speech, our language, our health, everything we can possibility think of.

So yes, in my opinion, success is everything!

What is your commitment level?

I was speaking with Paul over the weekend about commitment to oneself and your word. We both journal each day as part of our own personal growth journey and success path we have chosen to follow.

When you start to journal each day there is a lot of benefit, you can learn about how you feel. You can reflect on what is and is not working for you and many other important realizations.

One of the things that we have learnt simply from journaling each day is our commitment level to ourselves. We made an agreement, that we would journal each day. This is a simple process of writing about your day and what occurred, it really is not rocket science. However what soon started to show up was that we missed days, here and there. The more we looked the more we started to see a pattern of our commitment to ourselves. This simple process of journaling to improve ourselves we were not 100% committed too.

What we found was that this happened for many reasons, for example life distractions, change in routine, excuses. And the list does go on and on. But really is there any good excuse not to commit to yourself and your results?

I honestly think there is not, as the more you help yourself the more you can help others.

How do you get Motivated?

So what motivates someone, and how do we actually get motivated. We can all get excited by something, but that does not always last. Motivation needs to be sustainable, so what is motivation and how do we get it?

The basic definition of motivation is “the general desire or willingness of someone to do something”. This is a great basic definition that tells us that motivation is about being in motion, taking action and having a motive or purpose.

So some of the fundamental parts are to know what you actually want and also how to get it. As individuals we tend to be more motivated to take the action steps required for success if we know how to obtain success. If we actually have the rules of life or an organization it is easier to follow a system to success. We then also have a measure for our success. If we are unclear in what we want and are also unclear in how to get it, we often just get lack of clarity and lack of results.

If we think about it in simple terms, a child that has no boundaries or routine can often have problems with self esteem and confidence as they are unclear on how to succeed in their world.

Another aspect of motivation is a person’s ability to actually experience and face life or a situation. If a person feels they are unable to deal with problems or a task they can often end up procrastinating or avoiding it all together. That problem does not go away and often becomes more of a problem to be dealt with later. If we can skill ourselves and be willing to learn how to deal with situation and tasks in the moment our feeling of accomplishment and empowerment increase. As a result our motivation increases.

These are just a few basic components that influence motivation. So if you are looking to be more motivated or have sustained motivation you will need to face life and it’s issues and overcome them. Also understand what you want, why you want it and have a plan or system in place for how to achieve it so you can actually measure your success.

Are you acting like a big bottle of insect repellent?

I was having a conversation with a lady today about her business. She started a business for her daughter to provide a service to University students, so they could afford to have nice things on her student income. What was fascinating was that when they put the business on facebook, it took off and has grown exponentially.

There were a few key points that she made about her business success that I believe from my experience apply to success on any level.

The keys that she gave away were – that she did not “need” the money, and that she had a greater purpose for the business. At first the purpose was to help students and now it has transformed to assist people with micro finance loans. The third thing was she was passionate and believed in what she was doing and offering.

Ok great you may say, what can we actually take from this? You may say to yourself so this lady was rich and not like me. This may be true and there are a few reasons for that. Desperation repels results.

The key reasons that the success flowed so easily to her was and also could flow to you are – she was doing what she loved, she was not chasing money. She was allowing herself the time to succeed; she had the desire without the desperation. She was passionate about what she offered; these are all very attractive traits. Therefore she attracted success.

The other point was that she had a WHY or reason for doing her business greater than just herself. The bigger your why, the more drive you have and the more the universe align with what you want.

So what can you take from this – Do what it takes so that you are in a place where you are not desperate for something to work.

Find out your why and grow it to be bigger than yourself.

Find something you can be passionate about and believe in.

The more you apply these principles the more success you can have. Enjoy the journey; allow yourself the best chance of success and abundance. You deserve it!

So who wants to celebrate today?

It is coming up to the time of year for us where we get to celebrate our birthdays. We are all pretty close together. Most of our birthdays are all within 1 month of each other so it is a really fun time fuelled with celebration and remembrance of how far we have come in the last 12 months.

This time I have been reflecting back on just how much we have achieved and changed in such a short space of time and what is really possible when you set your mind to it. I wondered why do we wait to these certain designated times of year to reflect and celebrate all that we are and all that we have accomplished? We can give ourselves permission to celebrate who we are and what we have done each and every day. Imagine how your day would be different if you could identify 5 things that you could celebrate, five wins or five things you are proud of.

I think we would be much happier people if we celebrated ourselves and our success on a daily basis. After all we are amazing. We have the right to choose how we recognize ourselves, we can give ourselves permission to say yes I did great. No longer do we need to wait for someone else to recognize what we have done. It all starts and stops with us.
When you are assisting a child to build self confidence you encourage them to acknowledge themselves and their own achievements before you step in so they learn how great they are. So why is it any different when we are adults?

Pat yourself on the back today, count your success and celebrate.