Is FEAR holding you back from what is possible?

I was watching the Royal Wedding last night and looking at The Abbey. It reminded me of when I was standing in a similar church in the UK visiting my sister. I was in absolute awe of what had been created by these individuals.

I asked myself, how did they do it? How long would it have taken?

If people could produce that kind of building all those years ago, what are we doing today? In the yester year we have had electricity, the light build, cars and aeroplanes invented. Amazing churches and pyramids built. What amazing dedication, tenacity and commitment it would have taken to produce these luxuries of today.

The people that created these inventions, were willing to fail and fail and try again until they worked it out, there was no other option but the end result. They were not going to be denied.

Do we have that same dedication today or has it been lost? Are we so caught up in the fear of doing the wrong thing or making a mistake we stay in the same unhappy place? Are you playing it safe thinking you are secure where you are? If you never take a risk you will never know.

Fear can stop us in our tracks. The only way through fear is to move forward, take an action step forward and then commit to taking continual action steps forward. If we did what the people before us have done on a daily basis we too could invent the light build or build a pyramid. Are you ready?