Who are you talking to?

I have been completing a very interesting exercise with myself lately about what sort of conversations do I hold and who am I talking too.

Each day for a week I have written down a list of people I have spoken to, what the conversation was about (positive or negative) and was the conversation going to assist me to move closer or further away from my goals.

I became very enlightened that I had a pattern with some people in my network to look at what was not working in my world. This was not a positive conversation or really even for the purpose of working through a challenge to move forward. So I made a decision and have changed what I talk about, my conversations support my goals.

“Your personal income is directly proportionate to the quality and the level of desire of the people you choose to spend your time working with.”

I believe the statement above to be true. From my experience you need to surround yourself by people that expect the best of you so that you can thrive, not pull you down. The more positive and on purpose people you can be around the better, it will rub off you will start to model their behavior and attitude.

You are in control of who you speak to and certainly what you talk about. If you do not have a positive group of people around you then you will need to seek out people who are. Think about what you want to achieve and seek out a group of people to talk to. Or seek out a mentor. A mentor is a fabulous tool, someone who has walked the path before you and achieved what you desire. I am very fortunate to mentor people daily and also to have a fabulous mentor that has walked the path I desire.

So look at the quality of the people around you, seek out a mentor so you “can stand on the shoulder of those who have gone before you”. Being a mentor once you have achieved your goals is also one of the most rewarding roles there are.