What is your relationship with money?

After hitting some of my goals earlier than my target this year already, I have set some new targets. This required me to review my relationships and priorities with everything. I realised I put time and energy into my relationship with my husband, daughter, friends etc but did I put time into my relationship with money?

Well in the past I did not want to look at money or my relationship with it. I had so many negative beliefs tied into money that I could not hold a positive conversation about money. So needless to say my relationship was not good.

In order for me to achieve my new goals I need to improve my relationship with money. How can one expect to attract more money into one’s life if there is no positive relationship with money. I heard a quote recently; abundance does not come into chaos. And I would have to agree. If you want more abundance you need the space and order for it to come in. If there is chaos there is no room, just chaos.

If you are going to have more money then you need to take a look at what you think about money, what you say about it and how you feel about it. Just as you would put time into a marriage or into time with your children you need to put time into your financial relationships.

Here are some ideas to start off your review:

  • What do you say about money?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • How do you feel about and what do you say about people with a lot of money?

Once you have determined your view of money set out to repair or improve the relationship. Understanding that money is energy you need to feel good about it.

  • Start with feeling grateful for what you have and all that is coming.
  • Spend time getting your financial world in order so you know exactly where you are at.
  • Set some goals.

Are you spending money to make yourself feel good? Attempt to make yourself feel good first, work on feeling good in yourself and find other ways to make you feel good about you. If you are using money as the means to make yourself feel good, this usually is short lived until you go and buy the next thing.

Money is not bad or evil or even a negative thing. There is a statement that if you want to help sick people getting more sick is not the answer. It is the same with money, to be more poor does not help more people with money. The more money and abundance you have the more you can help people to create a better and brighter future for themselves.