Why rejection can change your life!

Sylvester Satllone got over 200 rejections from film companies and was then offered $100k for the script as long as he was not in the movie; and he rejected the offer. At that point he had no money at all just a script, an idea, a dream. If he had given up then we would have never had the pleasure of watching Rocky.

I was having a fascinating conversation with a lady this week about giving up on her goals. She had faced her first few hurdles and was deciding if she should quit. Quitting was one option, but if she quit where did her dream go? It disappeared.

She had got into a phase of looking at all the things that were not working for her, and was focused on the rejections she was getting. What she does not realise is that every no is one step closer to a yes? If she quit, all she was really doing to herself was to reject herself, reject her ability to grow and to reject her dreams.

Is rejection really that scary that we would be willing to give up everything we want for it? I do not believe so, yes it can be uncomfortable. But rejection causes us to grow as people (if we choose to learn the lesson). If we valued rejection as an opportunity to grow and a sign that we were getting even closer to our goal how would we then feel about rejection, we would look for it as a sign of success rather than a sign of failure.

When we set a goal for ourselves that is out of our current reach, we need to grow as people and in mindset to achieve it. If we did not we would already have achieved it. A much better question to ask oneself rather than; what is not working with this? and why is it not working for me?. Is to ask yourself; What do I need to do to achieve my goal? Who do I need to become? How can I tackle this?

So many great people have gone before us that have refused to let rejection get in the way of their passion and goals and we are in a better world because of it. Hold onto your vision, you are worth it.