86,400 seconds is not enough TIME!

We all have 24 hours in a day or 86,400seconds in one day, however so often I hear people claim they have less time than others. So why do we claim we do not have enough time? How is it possible some people believe they do not have enough time?

Time is a perception, we all have the same amount of time in a day, however we do not all use that amount of time the same. Some of us jam pack our day full of on purpose activities, others of us spend time in procrastination, overwhelm or doubling up on activities. Everything other than on purpose activities is a distraction and not utilizing time well. Even rest can be an on purpose activity.

Part of using time well, is to understand your values. So what is important to you, I would suggest that if something was really really important to you, then you would find the time, if not then you will not find the time. No matter what your words say, your actions reflect this truth.

In order to claim time back for yourself and use time well, activities like procrastination and overwhelm need to be eliminated or reduced. Often we can procrastinate if we do not feel we know how to do an activity or we do not really want to do it. The best way to stop procrastination is to never let activities build up. If it can be done at the time then that is when it needs to be done. This can be as simple as putting the dish in the dishwasher after you have finished with it rather than on the bench for you to come back to at a later time.

The other way to move forward with time is to get educated and skilled. If you feel you are unsure how to complete a task seek out support or education, get the skills or find the skills so that you can move forward. Stagnancy wastes time.

We all have the same amount of time. Are you willing to use it more efficiently and more on purpose, never let lack of time be your excuse for not achieving what you truly dream of.

Do you live with Purpose and Passion?

This last week we have celebrated Paul’s 40th birthday and my birthday as well. It is always an interesting time to reflect on life so far and where you want to go. I realized wow, life is on track and I am creating each and every day an amazing now and an even more amazing future. When you actually take responsibility for your life and live on purpose, it is truly amazing what is possible.

I had a conversation with a lady recently who is not is the best place in her life. I realized that when we do not live with purpose, passion and meaning we get stuck in the rut of routine or even just to afraid to try something new.

Do you live a life with passion, purpose and meaning?

Paul and I sat down and reviewed what ours are as part of reflecting at birthday time. It is so wonderful to look at our life and see that with purpose you can move through anything, with passion you stay motivated.

Do you reflect on your life? What do you want to achieve?

Everyone has a choice to live on purpose, we are really only here for a short time. Make the most of it, rather than waste anymore moments.