Do you remember your first time?

Today I was reminded about the firsts in life. We took jasmine to get her very first haircut. This was a fascinating process as she is two years old, loves brushing her hair and wearing her hair up. We took her to a wonderful children’s hairdresser, only for children.

She loved all the toys and was happy to get up in the chair all by herself. She was so good right up until they went to cut her fringe. Then she was not so ok with the process.

With comforting and reassurance she finished her haircut.
This haircut process made me think about the first time we do something we are completely unfamiliar with, it can be a little daunting or scary. Sometimes we can resist the process even though the outcome may be exactly what we want.

So what gets us through these times? One of the key points that can get us through is having a support team around you or wonderful mentors.

Do you have a great team to support you, do you have a mentor?

We support our little girl with love and encouragement every day. We choose to surround ourselves by people that support us to live a better and more successful life, to be even more of who we are.

You have the choice of surrounding yourself with a supportive environment or not, if you really want to flourish you may need to review who is in your world. Expect the best from yourself and surround yourself with the best that will expect the best from you and support you all the way.