The Power of a seed or an idea!

I had the absolute pleasure of attending one of the most powerful personal development conferences in the weekend I have ever been to. Now just so you know I have been to more than one conference and heard some amazing speakers, this time it was different and I was different.

One of our speakers Patrick Combs spoke about seeds and the power of the seed and this topic resonated with me. I wanted to share what he said and what I got from the topic.

  • Did you know that a seed can grow even if it is broken?
  • Did you realize that the result of the seed is not dependent on its size or shape?
  • Were you aware that by looking at the seed you cannot determine its outcome, you would never know what it is going to grow into even if you looked at it under a microscope?

Seeds can grow even after being dormant for 1000 years.

For a seed to grow it will need to overcome some adversity to become the amazing plant that lives inside. For a start it will need to break out of the husk, and then it will need to grow against gravity. And this is to just name two simple triumphs the simple seed will have made just to get out of the ground. A seed is no different to us, to our dreams and our bliss.

We have dreams and goals that lay dormant within us, not acted on or planted in the ground yet for many different reasons. We sometimes can feel broken or defeated as a result of past experiences; however our past experiences do not determine the result of this seeds outcome. The only thing that will determine the outcome is if we are willing to give the seed the opportunity to grow.

What is your seed? Are you willing to plant it and let it grow?

Be patient with your seeds, they take time to grow. If you go and dig it up every day and check on it, this will not make it grow any faster.