Are you just making life hard for the sake of it?

I was at the gym for training today and was fascinated by what I was observing. There are people that train with ease and flow and there are people that train and make the whole experience look difficult and hard.

I train in Olympic weightlifting. This is a sport that is challenging at the best of times and in general goes against one’s natural instinct. It is not often that we throw a very heavy bar above our head and the jump underneath it whilst it is crashing down on us; all in an orderly and speedy fashion so we can complete a successful lift and not get crushed. It kind of goes against the basics of survival.

So bearing all that in mind, training can be made a whole lot harder if all you do is struggle against the bar and the weights and fight the lift. Surprisingly the more you stay relaxed, and flow at speed with the lift the lighter and easier it is. I have had session where 35 kilograms has felt heavier than 75 kilograms and for no other reason that I made 75 easy and was relaxed about it, rather than fought the lift.

When you make things so hard that you squeeze the enjoyment out of it, then you need to consider why you are doing it. Are you just looking for reasons to beat yourself up and make yourself feel bad for not succeeding?

Now do not get me wrong, I train hard and I am very committed and determined in my training. But I choose not to make it hard and there is a very big difference. To me it is just like doing what it takes to succeed but not resisting the experience or the growth that comes with it as a result.

I believe that how you do one thing can often reflect in how you do other things. So I wonder how the ladies I train with are resisting life, how are they making things harder than they need to be and look for the struggle rather than do what needs to be done in a relaxed way, grow, let go and enjoy the process.

In training and in life there are always going to be things that challenge us, that we need to dig deep within ourselves to achieve. But it is a choice to make it hard and a fight against the goal or to make it a journey and an experience.

You choose!