How do you get Motivated?

So what motivates someone, and how do we actually get motivated. We can all get excited by something, but that does not always last. Motivation needs to be sustainable, so what is motivation and how do we get it?

The basic definition of motivation is “the general desire or willingness of someone to do something”. This is a great basic definition that tells us that motivation is about being in motion, taking action and having a motive or purpose.

So some of the fundamental parts are to know what you actually want and also how to get it. As individuals we tend to be more motivated to take the action steps required for success if we know how to obtain success. If we actually have the rules of life or an organization it is easier to follow a system to success. We then also have a measure for our success. If we are unclear in what we want and are also unclear in how to get it, we often just get lack of clarity and lack of results.

If we think about it in simple terms, a child that has no boundaries or routine can often have problems with self esteem and confidence as they are unclear on how to succeed in their world.

Another aspect of motivation is a person’s ability to actually experience and face life or a situation. If a person feels they are unable to deal with problems or a task they can often end up procrastinating or avoiding it all together. That problem does not go away and often becomes more of a problem to be dealt with later. If we can skill ourselves and be willing to learn how to deal with situation and tasks in the moment our feeling of accomplishment and empowerment increase. As a result our motivation increases.

These are just a few basic components that influence motivation. So if you are looking to be more motivated or have sustained motivation you will need to face life and it’s issues and overcome them. Also understand what you want, why you want it and have a plan or system in place for how to achieve it so you can actually measure your success.