Curiosity for Life

I went to see my Acupuncturist this week and he reminded me of so many things. I had a great conversation with him about long term health and life, and he offered his years of wisdom. I was speaking to him about the fact that I feel like I have been going through a new change in creating my life and who I am and feel a bit like a beginner again as to what I want. This may be due to becoming a parent, a business owner or many other life changes. I am not really sure of the reason why it has happened. I am however fully aware this is where I am right now.

He reminded me that when you are in a new place or learning something new that it can feel clumsy and unknown. You are not an expert at the very beginning; you can get frustrated with yourself for not having all the answers. And I thought he was in my head describing my week. I realized I am in a space of new development in my life. I have created some pretty cool results lately but am in new territory. Having not been here before, it is like riding a bike for the first time.

He reminded me of some key questions to ask as I am a learner driver in my new evolution of my life, and I think these are great questions for any time in life:

  • What do I really want right now?
  • What feels right for me right now?
  • What do I really want to be creating?

Acknowledge how you feel, and then ask is there something I have missed that has led me to feel this way?

If you are learning something new, or about to embark on a new chapter of life or business, try the questions and let me know how you go.

I am finding they are creating a new level of curiosity for life.

Do you live with Purpose and Passion?

This last week we have celebrated Paul’s 40th birthday and my birthday as well. It is always an interesting time to reflect on life so far and where you want to go. I realized wow, life is on track and I am creating each and every day an amazing now and an even more amazing future. When you actually take responsibility for your life and live on purpose, it is truly amazing what is possible.

I had a conversation with a lady recently who is not is the best place in her life. I realized that when we do not live with purpose, passion and meaning we get stuck in the rut of routine or even just to afraid to try something new.

Do you live a life with passion, purpose and meaning?

Paul and I sat down and reviewed what ours are as part of reflecting at birthday time. It is so wonderful to look at our life and see that with purpose you can move through anything, with passion you stay motivated.

Do you reflect on your life? What do you want to achieve?

Everyone has a choice to live on purpose, we are really only here for a short time. Make the most of it, rather than waste anymore moments.

Is change your friend or your foe?

When you think of the word CHANGE, how does it make you feel?

How does your body feel, what do you say to yourself?

Change is a constant part of life. There really is no way of avoiding this reality. The dictionary defines change as a transformation, from one form to another, to make different. These definitions seem to have no negative reference; it certainly does not say change is your foe.

When I used to think of change I would get anxious, I would feel like my breath had been taken away. I could feel my shoulders and neck get tight and I would get cranky at my husband. I really was not much fun to be around.

If the change was something I choose in my life I was ok, excited and ready for the up and coming result. If the change was something that I did not know about, I was not so good.

How do you cope with change you did not know was going to occur? This can turn up in the most simple of ways. For example: you can have set the path you want to travel to work on; and find out that a section of the roads are shut ; and you are now going to have to go a way you had not planned on. Or it could be that you have a child who was set on 2 sleeps per day and you had a routine in those times and now they will only sleep once.

What would happen if you embraced the change? What would you have to do to make this change enjoyable or for change to be your friend?

The more one resists change the harder the process usually becomes.

I sat down with myself and asked what it would take for me to enjoy change, for change to be my friend. The answer I came up with was to look at change as an adventure. All of a sudden change became light and exciting. There is an adventure to be had on change and a new destination to be reached. So now when change is upon me, I am excited.

How can you make change your friend? What would you have to change in your thinking to embrace change?

Are you asking for what you want?

Do you ask for what you want? As I have been watching my daughter (Jasmine) grow up I am humbled and grateful to be so involved in the process, it truly is beautiful. Children really do have all the wisdom to re-teach us some essential life lessons that we may have lost along the way.

There are three things I notice with her:

  1. She keeps asking for what she wants until she gets it
  2. She is super clear on what she wants.
  3. Her desire and requests come from a knowing that she can get what she wants, no questions. In fact it appears that not getting it; doesn’t even enter into her mind. (no lack mentality here).

These three life lessons are probably some of the key lessons that one could learn in life. Ask for what you want and keep asking. Most people ask once, if that and give up. A lot of people ask, then realise they do not have what they want, think they then cannot have it, and lose belief and hope that they can change the situation.

When you ask for what you want you are at the beginning of the process, the first step of many steps to manifestation of what you want. Ask for what you want, be very clear on what that is. Ask from a place of wanting rather than from a place of not having. Allow yourself to dream again. Be a child again and ask with that level of freedom.

You may have to ask for what you want more than once. Your conversations and thoughts then need to move in alignment with what you want. Everything needs to become about what you want. When Jasmine knows what she wants that is her exclusive focus. It is all she talks about. We can learn a lot from this. She never talks about not having it, how hard it is to get it or that she may not get it.

Ask for what you want and then monitor what you talk about it, hold yourself accountable to this. Ask yourself in regards to what you want – what does it look like, what does it feel, and who do you need to be to already have it. If I already have it, what would I be doing, saying, feeling and how would I be acting. What actions would I take now if I was already there?

If you were to be childlike again and use that level of exclusive focus what sort of results would you produce. Imagine how much fun life would be.