Are you choosing from your past?

Your past does not determine your future. By no means does what happened yesterday determine today. We all have the power of choice to create a new day, a new reality each and everyday.

I have been listening to some CD’s about future, present and past and have learnt a lot about how we can choose how we live and what outcomes we have. I also learned that I have been making a lot of my decisions from my past experiences.

I have heard the comment many times before “but it did not work before so I am not going to try that or do that again”. When today is a new day, you are a new person and you can create different results. Just because something has not worked before does not mean it never will, maybe we just needed more knowledge or were not ready for the outcome we desired.

If you close off from all possibilities because of the past you will only become stuck in where you are, too afraid to move forward, to afraid to try new things.

So for example, what if I woke up tomorrow and decided I wanted to change my financial future and gain time freedom, I decided I wanted to start a home business. I have a few choices in that moment; I can look at what I want to create or I can look at the success I have had in my life, the experience I have and all of the things that could hold me back from creating success. If I was not willing to cut off from that person, that past I would never create a different outcome. I would not create the success I desired. If I choose only to look at myself and my future, I would take the bold action to start and keep moving forward until I created what I wanted as I know I would learn what I needed to along the way.

Choose your future not your past.

Do you have a plan?

So often we get clear on what we want but have no plan on getting there. Part of being clear about what you want is having a plan for how you are going to get there.

The first step is certainly to get clear on what you want. Actually sit down and visualise it, see yourself there, what does it look like, feel like and sound like. Get as much detail as you can. Review where you are right now, where do you want to be. For example if your plan is to be able to be at home with your children as they grow up and work from home. Then you will need to find a way to do this. Sitting on the sideline of life is not going to get you there. You will need to do something.

Question one: I ask myself with every action I take is – Is this action, task or step going to move me closer or further away from my goals.

Question two: How would I take this action step if I had already achieved this goal? How would I act, what would I say, How would I stand, How would I feel? Take action from that place.

Sometimes we are in such a hurry to reach the goal that we do not want to take the time to do the plan. The plan is the essence of results. If we skip all the steps, then we can end up at a goal other than that which we wished and dreamed in the first place. I am sure that you have heard of people winning lotto and then later on going bankrupt.

They did not have a plan for that financial abundance in their life and most often have not worked on their mindset to keep it.

Set the goal, work the plan and then work on yourself harder than anything else to put yourself and your mindset in a place to allow it in.

Abundance is less likely to come into chaos. Get your chaos and clutter in your life in order to make room for what you want. So often people say I do not have enough time, yet in 6 months time they are doing more. For example this may mean that you need to get a book keeper to get your books in order, this is essential. I have heard that the state of your work environment or car can tell you a lot about a person. Whether this is true or not, I certainly feel better and work more clearly when I have a clear space to do so. Clear space in my environment means clear space in my head.

From my experience I had a vision of being able to be at home with Jasmine each and every day. In order to do that I needed a means other than the 9-5 I was doing. So I found a home business and have continued to work that business with my vision in mind. Now I enjoy each and every day at home with Jasmine. I travel the world with her and Paul and we have the pleasure of making a fabulous income.

Just to recap: Get clear on what you want, make a plan, find a way to work the plan, stick to the plan, clear and organise yourself so that you can allow the result to arrive.

So if I can do, you can do it. So when are you going to begin?