Create freedom with Gratitude Today

I have found that in the past I used to spend a lot of time trying and striving to reach my goals. I would put in all the effort required, take all the action required and still not be getting the results. This became a very demoralising process and often resulted in me changing paths or losing self belief.

It has only been since I have started my journey of success education and personal development that I was missing one key component to success. That component was gratitude. I was spending more time focussing on what I did not want or did not have that focussing on what I had to be grateful for. When I started to look for everything I was grateful for in my life and my world, life began to change.

It was like all of the hard and struggle had gone. I went from loathing getting up in the morning to enjoying my day. This was a remarkable process. The most interesting thing was that what I saw happen from there is all of a sudden I was achieving the results I previously was trying so hard to get to and never making.

The Oxford dictionary defines gratitude as: “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness”.

To give thanks for your life, invites more thanks into your life. When you are not in gratitude your focus is most often on what is going wrong with a situation or thing. In gratitude you find the learning in any situation and freely move on. Words such as grudge and resentment pass from you, words like love, appreciate and fun enter into your life.

Gratitude can give you a true sense of freedom to create the life you desire. Are you willing to be grateful today for what you have right now and all that is coming your way?