Are you asking for what you want?

Do you ask for what you want? As I have been watching my daughter (Jasmine) grow up I am humbled and grateful to be so involved in the process, it truly is beautiful. Children really do have all the wisdom to re-teach us some essential life lessons that we may have lost along the way.

There are three things I notice with her:

  1. She keeps asking for what she wants until she gets it
  2. She is super clear on what she wants.
  3. Her desire and requests come from a knowing that she can get what she wants, no questions. In fact it appears that not getting it; doesn’t even enter into her mind. (no lack mentality here).

These three life lessons are probably some of the key lessons that one could learn in life. Ask for what you want and keep asking. Most people ask once, if that and give up. A lot of people ask, then realise they do not have what they want, think they then cannot have it, and lose belief and hope that they can change the situation.

When you ask for what you want you are at the beginning of the process, the first step of many steps to manifestation of what you want. Ask for what you want, be very clear on what that is. Ask from a place of wanting rather than from a place of not having. Allow yourself to dream again. Be a child again and ask with that level of freedom.

You may have to ask for what you want more than once. Your conversations and thoughts then need to move in alignment with what you want. Everything needs to become about what you want. When Jasmine knows what she wants that is her exclusive focus. It is all she talks about. We can learn a lot from this. She never talks about not having it, how hard it is to get it or that she may not get it.

Ask for what you want and then monitor what you talk about it, hold yourself accountable to this. Ask yourself in regards to what you want – what does it look like, what does it feel, and who do you need to be to already have it. If I already have it, what would I be doing, saying, feeling and how would I be acting. What actions would I take now if I was already there?

If you were to be childlike again and use that level of exclusive focus what sort of results would you produce. Imagine how much fun life would be.

Fun – The Fuel for Success

In life we can get so focused on the doing of each task or the goals that we want to achieve that the goal becomes part of who we are.  We can lose ourselves in the goal, and lose focus of the journey the wins along the way and the enjoyment.

This is a plan for far less than a successful outcome.  When you lose focus and enjoyment and get stuck in the routine or stress of life you can not get to where you are wanting to go.

Life is about enjoyment we are all here with the potential to choose how we feel and when we feel it.  You can choose to be happy or sad, or glad or mad.  You are interpreting the world around you.

When you get caught up in the 9-5 or daily grind work/ life balance is out.  You are all work and no play.  In the end you may reach your goal, but are you actually happy there?  Have you even taken the time to notice you reached your goal?

When you inject fun back into your life you get re-energised, you want to do more and achieve more and you are capable of so much more.  Fun is like the minds fuel to keep going.  I watch my daughter make any moment or any surrounding’s into play and fun, and she is growing at a rapid rate incomparable to any adult.  Learning for her is fun, it is a game.  There is no heavy or hard in her process.  We could learn so much from this.

Life does not have to be hard, we do not have to learn the hard way and it does not have to be hard to be worth it.  Are you not worth fun, enjoyment, ease and abundance?

I want to set you a challenge, go and have fun tomorrow.  Pick something and go and play, have a laugh, lighten up.  If you have forgotten how to have fun then go and find a friend or your child and they can teach you how to have fun again.  Experience the energising benefits.

After you have fun.  Do you feel more inclined to do what you want to do or less?

You deserve work/life balance.  Have fun and make it a part of your daily plan for success, whether it is in your work, business or family.  Make it fun, enjoy.