Are you choosing from your past?

Your past does not determine your future. By no means does what happened yesterday determine today. We all have the power of choice to create a new day, a new reality each and everyday.

I have been listening to some CD’s about future, present and past and have learnt a lot about how we can choose how we live and what outcomes we have. I also learned that I have been making a lot of my decisions from my past experiences.

I have heard the comment many times before “but it did not work before so I am not going to try that or do that again”. When today is a new day, you are a new person and you can create different results. Just because something has not worked before does not mean it never will, maybe we just needed more knowledge or were not ready for the outcome we desired.

If you close off from all possibilities because of the past you will only become stuck in where you are, too afraid to move forward, to afraid to try new things.

So for example, what if I woke up tomorrow and decided I wanted to change my financial future and gain time freedom, I decided I wanted to start a home business. I have a few choices in that moment; I can look at what I want to create or I can look at the success I have had in my life, the experience I have and all of the things that could hold me back from creating success. If I was not willing to cut off from that person, that past I would never create a different outcome. I would not create the success I desired. If I choose only to look at myself and my future, I would take the bold action to start and keep moving forward until I created what I wanted as I know I would learn what I needed to along the way.

Choose your future not your past.