Do you take pride in yourself, your appearance and your thoughts?

I have recently had the pleasure of clearing out my wardrobe and I am at the beginning of starting a fresh. This has been an interesting journey of reinventing me, and thinking about what perception do I want to put out into the world, how do I want to represent myself and what clothes speak me.

I used to think that the way we dressed did not matter, however this is not true. What we put on and the way we dress can most definitely have an impact on the way we feel.

When we where bright colors we can feel happier, when we wear clothes that make us look a way we do not like, we feel uncomfortable or down.

We all have a choice of how we represent ourselves in the world, and how we want to be perceived. We also have the power to make ourselves feel better by dressing with respect for ourselves. What I understand now is, that it is a form of respect to myself to dress well.

Are you willing to dress to make yourself feel good, are you willing to think about the clothes you put on each day and the statement you are making.

If you are truly to BE the person you want to BE, then the best way to do that is in every aspect. To change your thinking and also to change your dress.

A great question to ask yourself each day is “How would the person I want to be, do what I am about to do”? (so how would they dress, how would they get out of bed in the morning?)