Curiosity for Life

I went to see my Acupuncturist this week and he reminded me of so many things. I had a great conversation with him about long term health and life, and he offered his years of wisdom. I was speaking to him about the fact that I feel like I have been going through a new change in creating my life and who I am and feel a bit like a beginner again as to what I want. This may be due to becoming a parent, a business owner or many other life changes. I am not really sure of the reason why it has happened. I am however fully aware this is where I am right now.

He reminded me that when you are in a new place or learning something new that it can feel clumsy and unknown. You are not an expert at the very beginning; you can get frustrated with yourself for not having all the answers. And I thought he was in my head describing my week. I realized I am in a space of new development in my life. I have created some pretty cool results lately but am in new territory. Having not been here before, it is like riding a bike for the first time.

He reminded me of some key questions to ask as I am a learner driver in my new evolution of my life, and I think these are great questions for any time in life:

  • What do I really want right now?
  • What feels right for me right now?
  • What do I really want to be creating?

Acknowledge how you feel, and then ask is there something I have missed that has led me to feel this way?

If you are learning something new, or about to embark on a new chapter of life or business, try the questions and let me know how you go.

I am finding they are creating a new level of curiosity for life.

Who are you talking to?

I have been completing a very interesting exercise with myself lately about what sort of conversations do I hold and who am I talking too.

Each day for a week I have written down a list of people I have spoken to, what the conversation was about (positive or negative) and was the conversation going to assist me to move closer or further away from my goals.

I became very enlightened that I had a pattern with some people in my network to look at what was not working in my world. This was not a positive conversation or really even for the purpose of working through a challenge to move forward. So I made a decision and have changed what I talk about, my conversations support my goals.

“Your personal income is directly proportionate to the quality and the level of desire of the people you choose to spend your time working with.”

I believe the statement above to be true. From my experience you need to surround yourself by people that expect the best of you so that you can thrive, not pull you down. The more positive and on purpose people you can be around the better, it will rub off you will start to model their behavior and attitude.

You are in control of who you speak to and certainly what you talk about. If you do not have a positive group of people around you then you will need to seek out people who are. Think about what you want to achieve and seek out a group of people to talk to. Or seek out a mentor. A mentor is a fabulous tool, someone who has walked the path before you and achieved what you desire. I am very fortunate to mentor people daily and also to have a fabulous mentor that has walked the path I desire.

So look at the quality of the people around you, seek out a mentor so you “can stand on the shoulder of those who have gone before you”. Being a mentor once you have achieved your goals is also one of the most rewarding roles there are.

Are you surviving or thriving?

I have been reading a book called “Poke the Box” by Seth Godin, it is a fascinating read about the changes in today’s society. How we have moved out of the industrial age and what it really takes to survive and thrive in the world today. No longer is it enough to sit idle and wait to be told what to do, no longer is it enough to just meander through life. You may survive in life by doing that but will be far from thriving.

So what does it take to thrive? What is the difference?

The difference between the two is what you choose to do with your life, our role is no longer to fit in and follow the status quo. We are here to make a difference in any way shape or form we can, and we all can!

Do you make a difference or are you just wandering along unaware that you actually have the power to do that, you have the power to make a difference.

I am sure you have had similar times to me, where you have great ideas about starting something, making a difference. But that is all they stay as, ideas in your mind. They are really of no use in there unless you do something with them. Ideas are not going to make a difference until they are implemented and started. It only takes one small step to start.

There are so many reasons we do not start, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of breaking the rules, I do not know how etc etc etc. The list really goes on. How do you think we actually learn, we learn through attempting, through doing? If we fail that is ok, we know we started and we know we can learn something, modify our attempt and go again.

If the goal is important enough to you why would you give up on it? Sometimes we can go into analysis paralysis where we look at every angle, every piece of advice, ask all the possible questions we can. It is important to do your due diligence, but at the end of the day the true learning is in the starting and doing. We cannot truly learn how to succeed in what we want by just talking to people, we actually have to work it out for ourselves.

We have to be willing to fail. So go out and start something, even if it is small. Answer the phone differently; help someone you see in need. Anything, just start to get into the habit of starting, and enjoy the results.

Are you acting like a big bottle of insect repellent?

I was having a conversation with a lady today about her business. She started a business for her daughter to provide a service to University students, so they could afford to have nice things on her student income. What was fascinating was that when they put the business on facebook, it took off and has grown exponentially.

There were a few key points that she made about her business success that I believe from my experience apply to success on any level.

The keys that she gave away were – that she did not “need” the money, and that she had a greater purpose for the business. At first the purpose was to help students and now it has transformed to assist people with micro finance loans. The third thing was she was passionate and believed in what she was doing and offering.

Ok great you may say, what can we actually take from this? You may say to yourself so this lady was rich and not like me. This may be true and there are a few reasons for that. Desperation repels results.

The key reasons that the success flowed so easily to her was and also could flow to you are – she was doing what she loved, she was not chasing money. She was allowing herself the time to succeed; she had the desire without the desperation. She was passionate about what she offered; these are all very attractive traits. Therefore she attracted success.

The other point was that she had a WHY or reason for doing her business greater than just herself. The bigger your why, the more drive you have and the more the universe align with what you want.

So what can you take from this – Do what it takes so that you are in a place where you are not desperate for something to work.

Find out your why and grow it to be bigger than yourself.

Find something you can be passionate about and believe in.

The more you apply these principles the more success you can have. Enjoy the journey; allow yourself the best chance of success and abundance. You deserve it!

Fun – The Fuel for Success

In life we can get so focused on the doing of each task or the goals that we want to achieve that the goal becomes part of who we are.  We can lose ourselves in the goal, and lose focus of the journey the wins along the way and the enjoyment.

This is a plan for far less than a successful outcome.  When you lose focus and enjoyment and get stuck in the routine or stress of life you can not get to where you are wanting to go.

Life is about enjoyment we are all here with the potential to choose how we feel and when we feel it.  You can choose to be happy or sad, or glad or mad.  You are interpreting the world around you.

When you get caught up in the 9-5 or daily grind work/ life balance is out.  You are all work and no play.  In the end you may reach your goal, but are you actually happy there?  Have you even taken the time to notice you reached your goal?

When you inject fun back into your life you get re-energised, you want to do more and achieve more and you are capable of so much more.  Fun is like the minds fuel to keep going.  I watch my daughter make any moment or any surrounding’s into play and fun, and she is growing at a rapid rate incomparable to any adult.  Learning for her is fun, it is a game.  There is no heavy or hard in her process.  We could learn so much from this.

Life does not have to be hard, we do not have to learn the hard way and it does not have to be hard to be worth it.  Are you not worth fun, enjoyment, ease and abundance?

I want to set you a challenge, go and have fun tomorrow.  Pick something and go and play, have a laugh, lighten up.  If you have forgotten how to have fun then go and find a friend or your child and they can teach you how to have fun again.  Experience the energising benefits.

After you have fun.  Do you feel more inclined to do what you want to do or less?

You deserve work/life balance.  Have fun and make it a part of your daily plan for success, whether it is in your work, business or family.  Make it fun, enjoy.