Limiting Beliefs, Limiting Life!

I have been on a journey of working through my limiting beliefs and changing them so I can truly live a life free from past experiences and able to create everything I have every dreamed of. This has been an ongoing journey as I find new ones as I go through life with new experiences, as I grow and expand and reach new levels within myself and my goals.

It is a bit like “What you don’t know, you don’t know”. That is until you do know.

A limiting belief is really a thought you have repeated to yourself enough times that you now believe this to be true or your reality, or something that you have taken in at different periods in your life, sometimes you may not have even been aware.

I have recently unveiled a limiting belief around love and burden. I realized that I have felt very demanded upon when people are attempting to grab my attention, or want my time. I thought this was odd as I love to help people and love spending time with my family and friends. I could not understand the conflict I felt inside or the feeling of burden at times. That was until my husband pointed out that when our daughter wants his attention he knows she loves him.

That one statement stopped me in my tracks. I sat down with my journal for an hour to realize I had a few things all mixed up in my mind. I am so grateful to now realize that when people love you they want to spend time with you, what a great thing. And also that if I am feeling out of balance with this I need to check in with myself for what I am doing with my time, have I overcommitted myself and am I giving myself love.

I encourage you to find your limiting beliefs and change them. This is an empowering process and one that will propel you forward. “Be the person you want to see in the world”