So who wants to celebrate today?

It is coming up to the time of year for us where we get to celebrate our birthdays. We are all pretty close together. Most of our birthdays are all within 1 month of each other so it is a really fun time fuelled with celebration and remembrance of how far we have come in the last 12 months.

This time I have been reflecting back on just how much we have achieved and changed in such a short space of time and what is really possible when you set your mind to it. I wondered why do we wait to these certain designated times of year to reflect and celebrate all that we are and all that we have accomplished? We can give ourselves permission to celebrate who we are and what we have done each and every day. Imagine how your day would be different if you could identify 5 things that you could celebrate, five wins or five things you are proud of.

I think we would be much happier people if we celebrated ourselves and our success on a daily basis. After all we are amazing. We have the right to choose how we recognize ourselves, we can give ourselves permission to say yes I did great. No longer do we need to wait for someone else to recognize what we have done. It all starts and stops with us.
When you are assisting a child to build self confidence you encourage them to acknowledge themselves and their own achievements before you step in so they learn how great they are. So why is it any different when we are adults?

Pat yourself on the back today, count your success and celebrate.