True to Be You

We have been having an amazing year so far with awesome experiences and travel as a family. I think one of the things I have realized is that there are not many places in the world where a person is fully celebrated to be themselves, whatever that is. I am so excited to have moved out of a JOB and into the life of an entrepreneur.

From my experience there is little room in a JOB for you to be fully creative and express who you really are. You are bound by restrictions and hours, there really is only so far you can go. You can sell your time or sell your money.

It has taken both me and my husband to accept our true entrepreneurial sides, and we love it. For me it is the true freedom to express myself and who I truly am. To have full creative power of my life and my results and there is not many things more exciting than that.

Have you found the space and place to be all of you and really do what you are capable of in life? Some people just go through the motions of life feeling that is the best they can do. There is so much more to us, and it’s time to let that out.