Are you acting like a big bottle of insect repellent?

I was having a conversation with a lady today about her business. She started a business for her daughter to provide a service to University students, so they could afford to have nice things on her student income. What was fascinating was that when they put the business on facebook, it took off and has grown exponentially.

There were a few key points that she made about her business success that I believe from my experience apply to success on any level.

The keys that she gave away were – that she did not “need” the money, and that she had a greater purpose for the business. At first the purpose was to help students and now it has transformed to assist people with micro finance loans. The third thing was she was passionate and believed in what she was doing and offering.

Ok great you may say, what can we actually take from this? You may say to yourself so this lady was rich and not like me. This may be true and there are a few reasons for that. Desperation repels results.

The key reasons that the success flowed so easily to her was and also could flow to you are – she was doing what she loved, she was not chasing money. She was allowing herself the time to succeed; she had the desire without the desperation. She was passionate about what she offered; these are all very attractive traits. Therefore she attracted success.

The other point was that she had a WHY or reason for doing her business greater than just herself. The bigger your why, the more drive you have and the more the universe align with what you want.

So what can you take from this – Do what it takes so that you are in a place where you are not desperate for something to work.

Find out your why and grow it to be bigger than yourself.

Find something you can be passionate about and believe in.

The more you apply these principles the more success you can have. Enjoy the journey; allow yourself the best chance of success and abundance. You deserve it!