Change is the only constant!

I have been completing an exercise recently about change. The idea was to monitor how I am with change. A note about this is that I actually avoided doing this exercise for months because I thought I already know I am not great with change, I like security and stability. At least that is what I thought anyway, I did not want to do the exercise to prove to myself I was terrible at change, why would I want to give myself reasons to not feel good.

What I learnt over time is that the things I want to avoid are often the very things I need to do, to move forward in life and get the lessons I need for the time.

So I started to monitor how I am when a change occurs in my life. I noticed that change I choose, woo hoo I am great with it. Unexpected change that I did not know was going to happen or choose, not so good.

The interesting thing for me was that although I would often get frustrated, get over whelmed or annoyed with what was happening, I could still see the light to move forward. I suddenly moved through the change so much easier.

What I have learned is if we live and participate in life there will be expected and unexpected change, the more we live the more we experience this. This is a constant. We have a choice to react or respond to the change. Sometimes when we feel that we are threatened or our outcome or goals may not be achieved due to this change we can react. That is ok, the choice there after is where to from there. Do you sit in the problem throwing your toys enrolling others into the problem or do you look for a way out and a way forward, take responsibility. Most often the change is for a perfect reason, because what you learn from that change is exactly what you need to learn in your life in that moment.

Thank you change.