Success Is Everything By Jim Rohn

Someone once said to me that success isn’t everything, and I think I know what they really meant. I believe they really meant that money wasn’t everything, and I certainly agree with that. But I do believe that success IS everything.

First you need to succeed to survive. We must take the seasons and learn how to use them with the seed, the soil and the rain of opportunity to learn how to sustain ourselves and our family.

But then second is to then succeed to flourish in every part of your life. Good question to ask mature people: “If you could do better, should you?” And I think almost everybody would answer the question in the positive. If you could improve your health, shouldn’t you do that? If you can learn more, shouldn’t you do that? If you could earn more and share more, shouldn’t you do that? If you can improve your relationships and spirituality, shouldn’t you do that? And I think that is what success is really all about. It is not just a destination that is set for everybody to try and go for.

It is like Zig Ziglar said, “Improving in every area of your life to see if you can with satisfaction at the end of the day, week, month and year, say ‘I have made excellent progress this year, for myself, for my family, for my business, my career and my health.'” I think that kind of success everybody recognizes is legitimate and something we should all strive for.

Interesting phrase in the Bible that says strive for perfection—not that we can ever reach it. But it is in the striving, to be a little bit better today than yesterday, in our speech, our language, our health, everything we can possibility think of.

So yes, in my opinion, success is everything!

Are you choosing from your past?

Your past does not determine your future. By no means does what happened yesterday determine today. We all have the power of choice to create a new day, a new reality each and everyday.

I have been listening to some CD’s about future, present and past and have learnt a lot about how we can choose how we live and what outcomes we have. I also learned that I have been making a lot of my decisions from my past experiences.

I have heard the comment many times before “but it did not work before so I am not going to try that or do that again”. When today is a new day, you are a new person and you can create different results. Just because something has not worked before does not mean it never will, maybe we just needed more knowledge or were not ready for the outcome we desired.

If you close off from all possibilities because of the past you will only become stuck in where you are, too afraid to move forward, to afraid to try new things.

So for example, what if I woke up tomorrow and decided I wanted to change my financial future and gain time freedom, I decided I wanted to start a home business. I have a few choices in that moment; I can look at what I want to create or I can look at the success I have had in my life, the experience I have and all of the things that could hold me back from creating success. If I was not willing to cut off from that person, that past I would never create a different outcome. I would not create the success I desired. If I choose only to look at myself and my future, I would take the bold action to start and keep moving forward until I created what I wanted as I know I would learn what I needed to along the way.

Choose your future not your past.

Whats your vision?

There is so much power in being clear on your vision and then speaking it into reality. I have had the pleasure of writing my future vision out and speaking it into reality. Here is mine, what is yours?

I look back over the last two years in share amazement, wonder and overall a feeling of excitement and like a magic wand has danced along the scene of my life. What an amazing journey and who would have thought that in such a short period of time all the we have created for ourselves and the hundreds of others that we have assisted to re create their future would have been possible.

We have on an individual level assisted over 1000 people to increased incomes and on a corporate level made a huge impact to company and educational culture in over 50 huge organizations around the world. I look back and look around me in awe of what is truly possible.

It really did all start back with a small dream and taking one step in front of the other.

The exciting part is I am reflecting on this from our dream home, I am adsorbing the smell of the salt air as I can hear the waves lapping on the beach. As I look out our front window this morning I can see the sun glistening on the waves as the lap at the white sand on the shore, there is a dolphin out playing in the waves, which reminds me of how much play we have been able to do for ourselves and our family along this journey. We have travelled to over 10 different countries as a family spending great quality time in each absorbing each culture wide eyed with wonder.

Our house is also surrounded by wonderful bush land. We have two gorgeous guest houses on the property that are often frequented with family or friends. So many times we have had the most awesome dinners with laughter filling every corner of our house, sometimes we have so much fun that no one really wants to go to bed, way too many fun times to be had.

I look around this house and realize I am surrounded by love with my amazing husband Paul and our two children; they are growing up to be such amazing inspiring individuals. I am so proud of who they are becoming at such a young age.

It was so much fun to go for a family drive this morning in our Audi Q7 and zoom up the beach for a family picnic; we all looked up into the sky at the clouds and picked what animal we could see.

I look forward to looking up at the sky many more times and recreating our dream, building on what we have been creating with new aspirations. There is nothing quite like this. I am truly blessed.

We are just about to open a school in Brisbane, it will be known to be one of the best educational facilities for children in Australia, and you guessed it our personal development for kids is part of the curriculum.

I have the pleasure this year of handing a set of keys over to my mum for her house in Whangaparoa, she was speechless. I was a little worried when she could not speak for 10 minutes and asked for a chair to sit down on if we were going to have to call an ambulance, but as it turns out she was just in shock from our gift to her. It is sooooo nice to know that she is taken care of now and for the future, something that has always played a little on my mind.

Now I know she will always have a roof over her head in a sensational spot in the world filled with memories of our childhood and her life. I know my dad will be watching over her as well in her new home, thank you dad.

Change is the only constant!

I have been completing an exercise recently about change. The idea was to monitor how I am with change. A note about this is that I actually avoided doing this exercise for months because I thought I already know I am not great with change, I like security and stability. At least that is what I thought anyway, I did not want to do the exercise to prove to myself I was terrible at change, why would I want to give myself reasons to not feel good.

What I learnt over time is that the things I want to avoid are often the very things I need to do, to move forward in life and get the lessons I need for the time.

So I started to monitor how I am when a change occurs in my life. I noticed that change I choose, woo hoo I am great with it. Unexpected change that I did not know was going to happen or choose, not so good.

The interesting thing for me was that although I would often get frustrated, get over whelmed or annoyed with what was happening, I could still see the light to move forward. I suddenly moved through the change so much easier.

What I have learned is if we live and participate in life there will be expected and unexpected change, the more we live the more we experience this. This is a constant. We have a choice to react or respond to the change. Sometimes when we feel that we are threatened or our outcome or goals may not be achieved due to this change we can react. That is ok, the choice there after is where to from there. Do you sit in the problem throwing your toys enrolling others into the problem or do you look for a way out and a way forward, take responsibility. Most often the change is for a perfect reason, because what you learn from that change is exactly what you need to learn in your life in that moment.

Thank you change.