What is your commitment level?

I was speaking with Paul over the weekend about commitment to oneself and your word. We both journal each day as part of our own personal growth journey and success path we have chosen to follow.

When you start to journal each day there is a lot of benefit, you can learn about how you feel. You can reflect on what is and is not working for you and many other important realizations.

One of the things that we have learnt simply from journaling each day is our commitment level to ourselves. We made an agreement, that we would journal each day. This is a simple process of writing about your day and what occurred, it really is not rocket science. However what soon started to show up was that we missed days, here and there. The more we looked the more we started to see a pattern of our commitment to ourselves. This simple process of journaling to improve ourselves we were not 100% committed too.

What we found was that this happened for many reasons, for example life distractions, change in routine, excuses. And the list does go on and on. But really is there any good excuse not to commit to yourself and your results?

I honestly think there is not, as the more you help yourself the more you can help others.