Limiting Beliefs, Limiting Life!

I have been on a journey of working through my limiting beliefs and changing them so I can truly live a life free from past experiences and able to create everything I have every dreamed of. This has been an ongoing journey as I find new ones as I go through life with new experiences, as I grow and expand and reach new levels within myself and my goals.

It is a bit like “What you don’t know, you don’t know”. That is until you do know.

A limiting belief is really a thought you have repeated to yourself enough times that you now believe this to be true or your reality, or something that you have taken in at different periods in your life, sometimes you may not have even been aware.

I have recently unveiled a limiting belief around love and burden. I realized that I have felt very demanded upon when people are attempting to grab my attention, or want my time. I thought this was odd as I love to help people and love spending time with my family and friends. I could not understand the conflict I felt inside or the feeling of burden at times. That was until my husband pointed out that when our daughter wants his attention he knows she loves him.

That one statement stopped me in my tracks. I sat down with my journal for an hour to realize I had a few things all mixed up in my mind. I am so grateful to now realize that when people love you they want to spend time with you, what a great thing. And also that if I am feeling out of balance with this I need to check in with myself for what I am doing with my time, have I overcommitted myself and am I giving myself love.

I encourage you to find your limiting beliefs and change them. This is an empowering process and one that will propel you forward. “Be the person you want to see in the world”

Do you live with Purpose and Passion?

This last week we have celebrated Paul’s 40th birthday and my birthday as well. It is always an interesting time to reflect on life so far and where you want to go. I realized wow, life is on track and I am creating each and every day an amazing now and an even more amazing future. When you actually take responsibility for your life and live on purpose, it is truly amazing what is possible.

I had a conversation with a lady recently who is not is the best place in her life. I realized that when we do not live with purpose, passion and meaning we get stuck in the rut of routine or even just to afraid to try something new.

Do you live a life with passion, purpose and meaning?

Paul and I sat down and reviewed what ours are as part of reflecting at birthday time. It is so wonderful to look at our life and see that with purpose you can move through anything, with passion you stay motivated.

Do you reflect on your life? What do you want to achieve?

Everyone has a choice to live on purpose, we are really only here for a short time. Make the most of it, rather than waste anymore moments.

Do you remember your first time?

Today I was reminded about the firsts in life. We took jasmine to get her very first haircut. This was a fascinating process as she is two years old, loves brushing her hair and wearing her hair up. We took her to a wonderful children’s hairdresser, only for children.

She loved all the toys and was happy to get up in the chair all by herself. She was so good right up until they went to cut her fringe. Then she was not so ok with the process.

With comforting and reassurance she finished her haircut.
This haircut process made me think about the first time we do something we are completely unfamiliar with, it can be a little daunting or scary. Sometimes we can resist the process even though the outcome may be exactly what we want.

So what gets us through these times? One of the key points that can get us through is having a support team around you or wonderful mentors.

Do you have a great team to support you, do you have a mentor?

We support our little girl with love and encouragement every day. We choose to surround ourselves by people that support us to live a better and more successful life, to be even more of who we are.

You have the choice of surrounding yourself with a supportive environment or not, if you really want to flourish you may need to review who is in your world. Expect the best from yourself and surround yourself with the best that will expect the best from you and support you all the way.

What is Lifestyle really?

With mother’s day around the corner, I have been in reflection about what lifestyle really is for me. Prior to working for myself I thought that I would have lifestyle after I achieved a certain status in the corporate world and was earning big dollars. The only thing was as I went down that path I only ended up working more hours, having less time and certainly less Lifestyle.

What I knew I needed to do was to really look at what I was doing and what I actually wanted. I knew I wanted adundance, wealth and a wonderful lifestyle.
After I had Jasmine, both Paul and I knew that we would have had very little Lifestyle if we had continued on the same path.

We wanted to spend quality time each day with our little girl, to actually see her grow up and be the primary influences in her life.

We searched for an alternative to the standard 9-5 which was not making us happy or really creating what we were looking for.

I had a belief that when I had children I would have less time, less travel and less money. Now I realize that really is about the choices you empower or dis-empower yourself with. Paul and I have traveled more since we have had Jasmine than we had in all the years of our relationship prior to her birth and our lifestyle is so much more enriching.

Is FEAR holding you back from what is possible?

I was watching the Royal Wedding last night and looking at The Abbey. It reminded me of when I was standing in a similar church in the UK visiting my sister. I was in absolute awe of what had been created by these individuals.

I asked myself, how did they do it? How long would it have taken?

If people could produce that kind of building all those years ago, what are we doing today? In the yester year we have had electricity, the light build, cars and aeroplanes invented. Amazing churches and pyramids built. What amazing dedication, tenacity and commitment it would have taken to produce these luxuries of today.

The people that created these inventions, were willing to fail and fail and try again until they worked it out, there was no other option but the end result. They were not going to be denied.

Do we have that same dedication today or has it been lost? Are we so caught up in the fear of doing the wrong thing or making a mistake we stay in the same unhappy place? Are you playing it safe thinking you are secure where you are? If you never take a risk you will never know.

Fear can stop us in our tracks. The only way through fear is to move forward, take an action step forward and then commit to taking continual action steps forward. If we did what the people before us have done on a daily basis we too could invent the light build or build a pyramid. Are you ready?