Is change your friend or your foe?

When you think of the word CHANGE, how does it make you feel?

How does your body feel, what do you say to yourself?

Change is a constant part of life. There really is no way of avoiding this reality. The dictionary defines change as a transformation, from one form to another, to make different. These definitions seem to have no negative reference; it certainly does not say change is your foe.

When I used to think of change I would get anxious, I would feel like my breath had been taken away. I could feel my shoulders and neck get tight and I would get cranky at my husband. I really was not much fun to be around.

If the change was something I choose in my life I was ok, excited and ready for the up and coming result. If the change was something that I did not know about, I was not so good.

How do you cope with change you did not know was going to occur? This can turn up in the most simple of ways. For example: you can have set the path you want to travel to work on; and find out that a section of the roads are shut ; and you are now going to have to go a way you had not planned on. Or it could be that you have a child who was set on 2 sleeps per day and you had a routine in those times and now they will only sleep once.

What would happen if you embraced the change? What would you have to do to make this change enjoyable or for change to be your friend?

The more one resists change the harder the process usually becomes.

I sat down with myself and asked what it would take for me to enjoy change, for change to be my friend. The answer I came up with was to look at change as an adventure. All of a sudden change became light and exciting. There is an adventure to be had on change and a new destination to be reached. So now when change is upon me, I am excited.

How can you make change your friend? What would you have to change in your thinking to embrace change?