Is change your friend or your foe?

When you think of the word CHANGE, how does it make you feel?

How does your body feel, what do you say to yourself?

Change is a constant part of life. There really is no way of avoiding this reality. The dictionary defines change as a transformation, from one form to another, to make different. These definitions seem to have no negative reference; it certainly does not say change is your foe.

When I used to think of change I would get anxious, I would feel like my breath had been taken away. I could feel my shoulders and neck get tight and I would get cranky at my husband. I really was not much fun to be around.

If the change was something I choose in my life I was ok, excited and ready for the up and coming result. If the change was something that I did not know about, I was not so good.

How do you cope with change you did not know was going to occur? This can turn up in the most simple of ways. For example: you can have set the path you want to travel to work on; and find out that a section of the roads are shut ; and you are now going to have to go a way you had not planned on. Or it could be that you have a child who was set on 2 sleeps per day and you had a routine in those times and now they will only sleep once.

What would happen if you embraced the change? What would you have to do to make this change enjoyable or for change to be your friend?

The more one resists change the harder the process usually becomes.

I sat down with myself and asked what it would take for me to enjoy change, for change to be my friend. The answer I came up with was to look at change as an adventure. All of a sudden change became light and exciting. There is an adventure to be had on change and a new destination to be reached. So now when change is upon me, I am excited.

How can you make change your friend? What would you have to change in your thinking to embrace change?

So what is this personal development stuff?

So often now I have heard from people and including myself at one stage in my life say, I do not need that personal development stuff as there is nothing wrong with me. And guess what, you are right.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are perfect, whole and complete. We are born into this world as wise people, over time we can get conditioned into certain ways of thinking that do not serve us. This thinking can come from all sorts of different influences, for example: parents, teachers, workmates, and school friends; really the list goes on.

We can be influenced and conditioned by what we want to achieve, what we listen to and what we choose to do with our lives.

Some of this conditioned thinking may not serve us to get to where we really want to go, and sometimes we may not be fully aware that the thinking is there, all we may be aware of is the lack of results.

For me I used to think Personal Development was about changing who I was into someone else who was different to me, more successful, more likeable, more learned in the world, just more really.

After working on myself for a number of years, I woke up one morning and realised, STOP this is not about changing you into someone else, this is all about becoming more of who you really are. Letting go of past thinking, conditioning and negative influencers in your world. It is all about looking at what is working and doing more of that, it is about fully accepting yourself and living as bigger life you can possibly live.

Live out loud in the world. Not hiding, not riding, being all of you. Achieve the success you deserve.

We are all truly perfect it is just that sometimes we forget. Personal Development has assisted me to become even more successful and ultimately the happiest I have ever been. Be bold and join the journey.

What is your relationship with money?

After hitting some of my goals earlier than my target this year already, I have set some new targets. This required me to review my relationships and priorities with everything. I realised I put time and energy into my relationship with my husband, daughter, friends etc but did I put time into my relationship with money?

Well in the past I did not want to look at money or my relationship with it. I had so many negative beliefs tied into money that I could not hold a positive conversation about money. So needless to say my relationship was not good.

In order for me to achieve my new goals I need to improve my relationship with money. How can one expect to attract more money into one’s life if there is no positive relationship with money. I heard a quote recently; abundance does not come into chaos. And I would have to agree. If you want more abundance you need the space and order for it to come in. If there is chaos there is no room, just chaos.

If you are going to have more money then you need to take a look at what you think about money, what you say about it and how you feel about it. Just as you would put time into a marriage or into time with your children you need to put time into your financial relationships.

Here are some ideas to start off your review:

  • What do you say about money?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • How do you feel about and what do you say about people with a lot of money?

Once you have determined your view of money set out to repair or improve the relationship. Understanding that money is energy you need to feel good about it.

  • Start with feeling grateful for what you have and all that is coming.
  • Spend time getting your financial world in order so you know exactly where you are at.
  • Set some goals.

Are you spending money to make yourself feel good? Attempt to make yourself feel good first, work on feeling good in yourself and find other ways to make you feel good about you. If you are using money as the means to make yourself feel good, this usually is short lived until you go and buy the next thing.

Money is not bad or evil or even a negative thing. There is a statement that if you want to help sick people getting more sick is not the answer. It is the same with money, to be more poor does not help more people with money. The more money and abundance you have the more you can help people to create a better and brighter future for themselves.

Do you have a plan?

So often we get clear on what we want but have no plan on getting there. Part of being clear about what you want is having a plan for how you are going to get there.

The first step is certainly to get clear on what you want. Actually sit down and visualise it, see yourself there, what does it look like, feel like and sound like. Get as much detail as you can. Review where you are right now, where do you want to be. For example if your plan is to be able to be at home with your children as they grow up and work from home. Then you will need to find a way to do this. Sitting on the sideline of life is not going to get you there. You will need to do something.

Question one: I ask myself with every action I take is – Is this action, task or step going to move me closer or further away from my goals.

Question two: How would I take this action step if I had already achieved this goal? How would I act, what would I say, How would I stand, How would I feel? Take action from that place.

Sometimes we are in such a hurry to reach the goal that we do not want to take the time to do the plan. The plan is the essence of results. If we skip all the steps, then we can end up at a goal other than that which we wished and dreamed in the first place. I am sure that you have heard of people winning lotto and then later on going bankrupt.

They did not have a plan for that financial abundance in their life and most often have not worked on their mindset to keep it.

Set the goal, work the plan and then work on yourself harder than anything else to put yourself and your mindset in a place to allow it in.

Abundance is less likely to come into chaos. Get your chaos and clutter in your life in order to make room for what you want. So often people say I do not have enough time, yet in 6 months time they are doing more. For example this may mean that you need to get a book keeper to get your books in order, this is essential. I have heard that the state of your work environment or car can tell you a lot about a person. Whether this is true or not, I certainly feel better and work more clearly when I have a clear space to do so. Clear space in my environment means clear space in my head.

From my experience I had a vision of being able to be at home with Jasmine each and every day. In order to do that I needed a means other than the 9-5 I was doing. So I found a home business and have continued to work that business with my vision in mind. Now I enjoy each and every day at home with Jasmine. I travel the world with her and Paul and we have the pleasure of making a fabulous income.

Just to recap: Get clear on what you want, make a plan, find a way to work the plan, stick to the plan, clear and organise yourself so that you can allow the result to arrive.

So if I can do, you can do it. So when are you going to begin?