Fun – The Fuel for Success

In life we can get so focused on the doing of each task or the goals that we want to achieve that the goal becomes part of who we are.  We can lose ourselves in the goal, and lose focus of the journey the wins along the way and the enjoyment.

This is a plan for far less than a successful outcome.  When you lose focus and enjoyment and get stuck in the routine or stress of life you can not get to where you are wanting to go.

Life is about enjoyment we are all here with the potential to choose how we feel and when we feel it.  You can choose to be happy or sad, or glad or mad.  You are interpreting the world around you.

When you get caught up in the 9-5 or daily grind work/ life balance is out.  You are all work and no play.  In the end you may reach your goal, but are you actually happy there?  Have you even taken the time to notice you reached your goal?

When you inject fun back into your life you get re-energised, you want to do more and achieve more and you are capable of so much more.  Fun is like the minds fuel to keep going.  I watch my daughter make any moment or any surrounding’s into play and fun, and she is growing at a rapid rate incomparable to any adult.  Learning for her is fun, it is a game.  There is no heavy or hard in her process.  We could learn so much from this.

Life does not have to be hard, we do not have to learn the hard way and it does not have to be hard to be worth it.  Are you not worth fun, enjoyment, ease and abundance?

I want to set you a challenge, go and have fun tomorrow.  Pick something and go and play, have a laugh, lighten up.  If you have forgotten how to have fun then go and find a friend or your child and they can teach you how to have fun again.  Experience the energising benefits.

After you have fun.  Do you feel more inclined to do what you want to do or less?

You deserve work/life balance.  Have fun and make it a part of your daily plan for success, whether it is in your work, business or family.  Make it fun, enjoy.

Goal setting doesn’t work

Have you set goals in the past and they have never worked, have you given up on what you really want to achieve. Have you struggled to get yourself moving? Have you set New Year’s resolutions only to find one week later you have given up?

What is the reason for all of this? Do you really know how to set goals for yourself that will inspire you to jump out of bed in the morning?

Here are our top goals setting tips that have been proven to produce results and be the most effective time and time again:

Write down what you really want if you knew you could not fail. For example – To be a millionaire, to work from home, to run your own business, to sky dive or bungy jump.

Then look at that list of things you want to achieve and pick 3 things that stand out to you as the most important

For each of those 3 goals take the time to work out why you want them, and what it will mean to you when you have achieved them

Write a paragraph down about how you have already achieved them

Then ask yourself the following:

  • When am I going to start?
  • What is the very first action step that I can take to move myself closer to my goal
  • Ask yourself each day, is this action taking me closer or further away from my goal?
  • Then ask yourself what is the very next step I can take
  • Make a list of agreements with yourself that you will uphold each day in regards to this goal
  • Put your action plan together and sign it off
  • Stay true to your word
  • Write up your goal, and action plan and put it up somewhere where you can read it a few times a day
  • Start visualising yourself as already achieved this goal
  • Be in complete gratitude for where you are and where you are going
  • And finally ask yourself everyday: How would the person I want to be, do what I am about to do?

Enjoy and celebrate in your achievements. “Every great achievement is preceded by a period of fanatical dedication”.

Are you resisting your results away?

When you are faced with adversity, challenge or an obstacle; do you fight and struggle? Do you lie down and give up as it is all too hard? Or do you let go to the process and understand that obstacles are part of advancing forward on life. Obstacles are put in front of us so we can grow into the person we need to become to obtain the goals we are seeking out.

We have just become an Aunty and Uncle again and it reminded me of labour and having a baby. During labour the more you let go the easier the process becomes, the more you resist and fight the process the more the pain increases.

In the last week I have set the intention for bigger and bolder goals for 2011, I have also been challenged as well. In the past I would have fought and struggled, pushed and forced my way forward, ‘trying so hard” to get the results I wanted. All I ended up with was exhaustion and still an obstacle and then I had no energy to move forward. This was because I was coming from the mentality that the only way to get through life was with force and I only knew how to get results by working harder and harder. However this has a limit to its ability and I had reached my limit. There had to be a different way.

I have been reminded of the different way again. The alternative way was almost the direct opposite to everything I knew and had done. For me this is the process of having a very clear focus on what I want, and a very strong why to fuel myself forward. To release all resistance and let go, to give into the circumstances or obstacles and keep moving forward one step at a time.

Interestingly enough when I did that in labour I got through the process so much easier, and again when I did that this week, my results just showed up as if they were just waiting for me to stop clamping the flow on a hose.

Are you clamping the flow of your hose? Do you have a clear focus on what you want and know your why?

Are you resisting and stuck in the hard or are you allowing and letting go? The first place to start in letting go is to acknowledge the challenge for what it is and breath. Allow yourself the space to succeed, let go and forgive you for not being perfect, let go and forgive yourself for having challenges. You will find that as you let go the obstacle or challenge will dissolve or will work for you.